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Copper pipe trivet. Worktop protector

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A stunning accessory for every kitchen. Hand crafted from copper pipes, it can sit on the kitchen worktop or a dining table to protect the surface from being damaged by hot pots and pans from.

It will sit well in both conventional modern kitchens or rustic country kitchens as well as restaurant dining tables. All joints are soldered together to create a sturdy product that is ready to use as soon as you open the package. The feet of this product are finished with copper cap ends, again soldered into place.

Approximate dimensions:

Length 30.5cm, width 21.5cm, height 3.5cm

The designer and maker of our copper pipe homeware range is Rob Pryce, an experienced plumber with a passion for creating handmade, functional or decorative items for your home. Rob takes great pride in his everyday plumbing work, but also likes to create things. From his workshop in Peterborough Cambridgeshire, Rob makes each item using 15mm or 22mm copper pipes, carefully soldering each joint to create a sturdy and fully assembled product for you. Copper is strong and durable, as well as allowing for a stylish high shine finish when polished with the right cleaner