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Premium reclaimed wood furniture

Our wooden furniture range is hand crafted by specialist artisan furniture makers from reclaimed hardwood.

Our reclaimed hardwood furniture is solid, rustic and built to last.

Where does reclaimed wood come from?

Each design in this collection of reclaimed wood furniture is crafted from solid reclaimed wood, which has been sourced from house-breaking, ship-breaking and demolition.

We purchase our source material by selecting the most appropriate reclaimed wood pieces from these sources, purchasing it and then re-purposing the wood in our workshops to turn discarded wood into recycled hardwood which is then suitable for making furniture.

What's different about reclaimed wood?

Because of the nature of the reclaimed wood and the handcrafting process that we then apply to it to transform the reclaimed wood pieces into new pieces of contemporary furniture, each piece in our reclaimed wood furniture range is 100% unique.

How to use reclaimed wood furniture in your home

Our reclaimed wood furniture can make the perfect addition to any room in your home. It offers a timeless quality. A reclaimed chest of drawers desk will allow you to convert your bedroom into a cool, contemporary space. Add a rustic reclaimed wood coffee table to your living room to give it a new twist of interior design that your friends and family will certainly enjoy and appreciate.

Whether you’re looking for a reclaimed hardwood sideboard or reclaimed wood chest of drawers, we are the reclaimed wood furniture specialists and we'll help you bring this contemporary furniture style into your home.