ARUSHA is a unique 2-door reclaimed wood cabinet, with doors that have been lovingly handcrafted from upcycled wooden shutters, with much of the original paint preserved to retain a vintage charm within a contemporary design.  

Materials:  Reclaimed solid wood and disused shutter strips


The cabinet has one shelf right in the centre. The dimensions are. 
Top section: 63cms wide X 40cms high
Bottom section: 63cms wide X 36cms high 


Width (cm) 70

Height (cm) 90

Depth (cm) 30

Weight (kg) 30


Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of our furniture, there will be variations in colour and finish. And the dimensions shown can alter slightly so should be used as a guide only.

Current Stock:
70.00 (cm)
90.00 (cm)
30.00 (cm)

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