Reclaimed Metal Furniture | Industrial Reclaimed Furniture

What is Reclaimed Metal Furniture?

We use a lot of reclaimed materials, Iron, steel and timber, metal is cleaned and waxed/lacquered and is very stable under any conditions.

All our furniture is hand crafted and made to the very highest standard using top quality handpicked materials like heavy steel, cast iron, industrial pipes, flanges and structural steel sections. These come from dismantled factories, houses and grain storage barns as well as the ship breaking yards.

What makes reclaimed metal / industrial furniture so unique?

Offer the very best high-end bespoke industrial furniture – that will last generations and stand the test of time.  Our range of reclaimed metal furniture is totally unique and some of the products like the KONTAINR, BRIX & BESIDE are totally unique to us. As far as we are aware, it might be difficult to find these anywhere else.

Where is our reclaimed metal furniture produced?

Rajasthan, a region of western India that has always been known for its artistic heritage and was where we initially decided to go to look for inspiration

But the sustainability trend has caught on with people in various parts of the world. We also work with designer makers in the USA and UK. We are constantly looking to partner with designer makers wherever we can find them. Whether it is down the road from us in Buckinghamshire or up the A1M in York or all the way in Jodhpur in India or across the Atlantic in the USA in Colorado

Our aim is to bring the best of these handcrafted and sustainable products to our customers.

How is our reclaimed metal furniture different?

Each design is based on a traditional vintage industrial style whilst ensuring maximum functionality and appealing bold looks. All products are expertly handmade from a carefully selected range of reclaimed materials including Solid Steel sections, steel sheets, cast iron, Brass handles and hinges & Aluminium sheets. This means that no two pieces of the same design are exactly alike, each having their own characteristics and a story to tell

Products such as our BESIDE Bedside table, TANKR Bedside  & KONTAINR industrial sideboard  take pride of place in contemporary homes and businesses across the USA, throughout the UK and the parts of Europe.

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