5 ways busy people can save the planet! (Yes you can!)

Posted by Rupin Rughani on

1. CONSERVE WATER - Not using it? Turn it off

Water is a truly precious resource and we tend to take it for granted - not leaving the tap running can make a huge difference as can committing to drinking tap water vs. bottled water.

2. REDUCE YOUR WASTE - Make recycling a habit

Make a commitment to reducing waste - do you really need that takeaway box/bag/coffee cup? or can you choose a reusable one? Shop based on practicalities of recycling. Steer away from brands / products that do not use recyclable/reusable/sustainable materials.

3. SAVE AND MAXIMIZE ENERGY - Use energy-saving appliances

Electrical appliances are playing a growing part in all of our lives but could you limit your screen time or set a digital curfew in the evening? Not only would this save energy but could also help you wind down and improve your sleep!

4. WALK AND TRAVEL GREEN - Less pollution + health benefits

Try to use public transport whenever you can or incorporate it into your journey, if you have to take the car, try to plan journeys so that they are most efficient and switch off that engine if you're waiting.

5. STAND UP AND GET INVOLVED - You can make a difference!

What you do makes a difference and by seeing your example, others will be inspired to make small changes, which ultimately add up to a big difference, that will improve the future for all of us and for future generations...

At Reason Season Time, our mission is to reduce the impact of everyday life on the earth's finite resources. To find out more about our work, visit us at www.reasonseasontime.co.uk 


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