About Us

An idea is born

Reason Season Time London was started by me after I decided to act on a drive to start a business of real value, offering something unique and human-made. Although my grandparents were originally from India, I'd never really spent much time there, but I did of course have a good sense of the rich history and culture and the outstanding strength in all things design, arts and crafts.

Where I found inspiration

Rajasthan, a region of India that has always been known for its artistic heritage was where I decided to go to look for inspiration. I took my 18-month old daughter with me on the trip and with the help of my late Father-in-Law, who lived in Mumbai, arranged an exploratory trip to Jodphur. When I made the trip, I didn't really know what I wanted to find, but hoped that I would find something unique and interesting that I could bring to the UK. What I did know was that it wasn't going to be about collecting cheap finds and bringing them back to sell in the UK - there are lots of people that do this already and this wasn't really what I had in mind.

When you see it, you'll know!

June in Jodhpur and 90 degrees hot! Off I went to find some makers, designers, craftspeople, something that would make the cut. And initially saw some handicrafts, shawls, embroidery - all of which was lovely but what really drew my interest was a workshop where wood and metal was being reclaimed, reworked and re-purposed into beautiful pieces of furniture. I loved the furniture, loved the process and felt that if I loved it, others would too.

Making it happen

On returning to the UK, I told my husband Rupin that I wanted to bring the furniture to London and set up a business around it. Since we were both working full time, we decided that it would be an online store that we could work on during evenings and weekends. But we would select the designs, maintain quality by working with a single supplier and keep all items in stock -- we didn't want to use the model used by many furniture companies which involved ordering, paying and then waiting weeks for the item to arrive. No, we wanted to assure customers that anythign on the website actually exists in in our warehouse and that we could dispatch and deliver at their convenience.

What we offer today

We know you’re here because you want more than just a coffee table You’re looking for a unique statement piece of furniture. Something that shares your inspiration and creativity. Furniture that stands out from the crowd.

That’s why we design, make, and carefully deliver unique furniture made from solid reclaimed wood. Our designs are certainly not part of the furniture! 

We select the most interesting and beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood and metal and re-purpose, redesign and re-work them to make new and beautiful pieces of furniture that are built to last. 

We're here to help and can be contacted in the following ways:

Contact details

Email: info@reasonseasontime.co.uk 

24 hr Helpline: +44(0)203 651 8194

Compny information: Registered in England & Wales. Company Reg No: 8172530, VAT Registration No: 140 4635 40
Registered office:  Reason Season Time Ltd, 64 Closemead Close, Northwood Middlesex HA6 2RZ