6 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Why should you consider choosing reclaimed wood furniture in and around your home or for your next piece of furniture, construction or building project?

In fact, what is reclaimed wood?

There is still a considerable amount of confusion around what reclaimed wood is and where it comes from, so in this article, we explain some of the basics around this material and how it can add history and character to your home.

1. Genuine Reclaimed Wood Is High-Quality
Genuine reclaimed wood is high-quality wood that’s been taken from various sources that no longer require the original wood from their structure or internal fixtures and fittings, for example Disused Factories, Old Barns, Broken or Retired Ships, Old Warehouses, Wine Barrels. It is not commercially produced and is usually hand-selected by the craftspeople who will work with it -- it is unlikely that mass-produced products will be made from genuine reclaimed wood as it is generally requires hand working vs machine or factory production.

2. Reclaimed Wood Is A Sought-After Material
When original wood is removed it has been air-dried, usually for a considerable amount of time. This makes it strong and durable as well as unique in texture, colour and patina.

3. Reclaimed Wood Reduces The Demand For Newly Cut Trees
Using reclaimed wood decreases the demand for newly-harvested virgin wood from forests. This helps preserve our forests, both for people to enjoy and as woodland habitats for animals, insects and birds. Forests also support a huge variety of plant species that grow under tree cover.

4. Reclaimed Wood Is “Old Growth” Wood
Traditionally, the most stable and durable timber was chosen and used in the construction of buildings and the sources of reclaimed wood are therefore completely different to the fast-grown and cut wood used today. “Old Growth Wood” has been through many changes in humidity general weathering so it is much less likely to buckle or warp with humidity change than less mature wood, so your flooring or furniture pieces will remain looking good for many years to come.

5. Reclaimed Wood Is Not Mass Produced
Nowadays, so many items we buy are mass-produced and if you want to find something original for your home, it is usually a designer item. However, when you buy reclaimed wood, you can be sure each piece is original in look and feel and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in your home.

6. Reclaimed Wood Complements Any Style of Interior
There is a specific, uniquely weathered beauty about reclaimed wood that has so much more soul than commercially mass-produced modern pieces. Old wood displays unique character marks and has a rich patina that draws you into it. It complements all interior design styles and can be easily paired with contemporary furniture designs, modern interiors, classic country interiors or any eclectic style you choose, so choose a piece that reflects your personality and home!


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