What’s your Furniture Footprint?

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Around ten million items of furniture are thrown away every year in the UK and many of these are still in good or great condition, but unfortunately end up in the dump and eventually go to landfill. Sadly, this represents a huge amount of wood, metal, fabric and other usable material which could be recycled or re-purposed but never is.

Whether you rent or own your place, furniture can be one of the costliest items in your home and can often be considered an investment for the long term so give it some thought and perhaps consider some alternative ways to reduce your furniture footprint.

One option is to visit a local reuse shop or charity shop – there are now a number of charity shops specialising in furniture who can also collect and deliver larger items for you – this is a great way to get your hands on high quality and affordable furniture, which will also give your room a unique look and feel. Older or vintage pieces are also likely to be made of solid wood rather than chipboard or MDF and to be plastic-free.

Lots of people are now buying and selling furniture online through local  groups on Facebook, Gumtree and eBay. These allow you to find something locally, which you can go and see before buying or to sell or donate an item which no longer want or need. The Reuse Network helps you locate reuse furniture shops near you.

So next time you’re on the look out for a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, look beyond the high street and see if you can find an original coffee table or sideboard that’s been upcycled or recycled and take a step towards reducing your furniture footprint!

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