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What is Reclaimed Wood Furniture?
There’s something supremely comforting and nostalgic about reclaimed wood furniture. Lovingly handcrafted from disused/discarded materials; the vibe is natural and calm, perfect for any setting in any room of the house or workplace. Sourcing natural materials without having an adverse impact on our Environment has evolved from a growing trend to a sustainable way of life.
What makes reclaimed wood furniture so unique?
Each piece in our reclaimed furniture collection has its own story to tell. Every bump and groove is a tell-tale sign of a previous life. Sourced and crafted from recycled timber, architectural materials, industrial salvage all our furniture is hand-crafted and finished to the highest standards using skills passed down generations of very talented artisans.
Increasingly, people want to furnish their homes with high-grade furniture that not only looks stylish and inspirational but has sustainable roots.  Using reclaimed materials brings a unique vibrancy and touch to a home or workspace.
Timber, new or reclaimed can be subject to shrinkage or expansion depending on the environment in which it is placed and can develop cracks etc. and may warp slightly, this can add to the aged look and give a piece some character.  It comes with a sense of history and individuality, which is visible in the bumps, dents and warps the wood bears. What’s more, the very nature of reclaimed wood means that every piece is truly unique and one of a kind.
Where is our reclaimed wood furniture produced?
Rajasthan, a region of western India that has always been known for its artistic heritage and was where we initially decided to go to look for inspiration
But the sustainability trend has caught on with people in various parts of the world. We also work with designer makers in the USA and UK. We are constantly looking to partner with designer makers wherever we can find them. Whether it is down the road from us in Buckinghamshire or up the A1M in York or all the way in Jodhpur in India or across the pond in the USA in Colorado
Our aim is to bring the best of these handcrafted and sustainable products to our customers.
How is our reclaimed wood furniture being different?
 Whether you go for reclaimed furniture in your dining room, bedroom, study or office you can be sure of doing your bit for the environment. There is an emerging trend of using reclaimed furniture in the modern workplace, in restaurants and cafes. With the use of such materials, designers collaborate with the clients to bring out a uniquely warm, collaborative, flexible work environment that brings out the best in everyone.  
By choosing reclaimed wood furniture, you’re helping to reduce the impact on the earth’s finite natural resources and inspiring others to look at sustainable options. We must admit that as humans we tend to see and learn from our immediate peer group. Every person you can inspire based on your sustainable choices has the potential to make a difference.
Using reclaimed materials not only reduces the amount we waste, but it also creates less demand for cutting down our trees.  Every tree that is saved by the use of reclaimed wood will make this world a better place.
Handmade, produced in small batches (not mass-produced) and rich in history, reclaimed wood furniture brings sustainability, character, and sense of style & pride. It also inspires others to consider the sustainable option. There is minimum use of energy in the production of our furniture. Majority of the processes are conventional hand carpentry skills passed down from generations of these artisans and designer makers. The character and charm of reclaimed wooden furniture can’t be reproduced using modern mass production techniques. We pride ourselves on turning discarded and reclaimed wood into beautiful pieces of furniture.
Furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood need minimum upkeep and care.
Products such as our KIGOMA sideboard, COLABA sideboard & JINJA TV/Media Unit take pride of place in contemporary homes and businesses across the USA, throughout the UK and the parts of Europe
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